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Government Relations are essential to advancing Hyperoxaluria research and awareness.  As part of the OHF’s continued efforts in helping our government officials understand the challenges our patients face on a day to day basis.

We need you to help us inform members of Congress of what programs, issues, and legislation are important to the success in the Hyperoxaluria field, and to advocate for expansion of research programs year after year..  Contact julieb@ohf.org to learn more.


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  1. My Husband has been suffering with kdieny stones for over 10 years.On average he passes (that he knows of) a stone every 2-3 months.He is under a consultant and has had various scans.He has a 6-7mm stone (uric) in the lower pole of his left kdieny. It has been there for2 years. It has had it blasted’ twice to no avail.He also has some renal cysts benign.From this he needs only see consultant in 6 mths.However, he does not go a week without pain and has night sweats 2-3 times per week.The pain in his side often causes restless nights.What can we do to get through to our consultant that something must be done.How much longer can the damage caused by the stones be a significant problem.Many Thanks.

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