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Dr. Eduardo Salido’s Lab

I am Cristina Martin Higueras, a Ph.D. student that works in Dr. Salido‘s Lab. Here’s an update of what’s happening in Tenerife.

The Canary Islands are an archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean near the West coast of Africa. Its volcanic origin gives a unique and spectacular landscape, as well as excellent conditions for the development and the settle down of many different species. Seven islands, being Tenerife the biggest one in terms of surface, form the archipelago.

Tenerife is also the home of our small group of biomedical researchers who have been working on Primary Hyperoxaluria for the last 20 years led by Professor Eduardo Salido. Our lab is located next to the University Hospital of the Canary Islands, in the Medicine School of the University of La Laguna, a city awarded with the condition of Human Heritage by UNESCO.

Our group has been addressing the study of primary hyperoxaluria from the molecular bases to the development of mouse models of all the different types of the disease (PH1, PH2 and PH3). Currently, we are focused on the development of novel molecular therapies as an approach for the treatment of this disease through different strategies: gene therapy, chemical chaperones and substrate reduction.

In the 20 years of our group, Dr. Salido has formed several PhDs and different scientists around the world have been related somehow with us. But…who is working in this lab? Well, an image paints a thousand words.

Cristina Paz and Barbara Rodriguez: They are our technicians who help us in working faster and better every day.

Professor Eduardo Salido: MD PhD. He is a pathologist with a very wide experience in molecular biomedicine.

Cristina Martin Higueras: PhD student. She is working on inhibition of glycolate oxidase as a substrate reduction therapy.

Dr. Miguel Fernandes: PhD in Biochemistry. He works on molecular modeling and bioinformatic tools.

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