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Felix Knauf M.D. Lab

Meet Dr. Felix Knauf in his lab at Erlangen Medical Center in Erlangen, Germany….
Dr. Knauf and his amazing researchers are working on gene-deficient mice that are protected from oxalate-crystal induced kidney failure. He explains, “that the kidney is the primary target for oxalate crystals because of its role in filtering and eliminating various substances via the urine. Through research funded by the OHF, we have learned the role of the innate immune system in crystal-induced inflammation and kidney failure which will greatly impact patients with hyperoxaluria stone disease.”
“Our highly interdisciplinary investigations stretch from transport physiology studies, biophysics to animal models. We are hoping that in the future this will help us to develop treatments that prevent kidney failure in patients with primary hyperoxaluria,” says Dr. Knauf.

In the photo left to right:
Murthy Darisipudi, Susanne Roessler, Felix Knauf, Victoria Pfann,( Erwin-Felix Knauf’s dog who comes to the lab with me every day), Laura Neumeier, Louise Tonner, Michaela Arendt

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