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How can you make a difference? It’s as easy as changing your profile picture on Facebook or adding a web banner to your website, blog or email. With these actions, we can make the world take notice of Hyperoxaluria. Follow the instructions below and ask your friends to follow your lead!

Changing Your Email Signature

Download our OHF Logos to add to your Email Signatures. Right click the image and “save” any image to your computer. Then use your email provider’s tool to insert this image into standard signature. Everyone who receives an email will know about the Oxalosis & Hyperoxaluria Foundation.

Change Your Facebook Cover Photo

Step #1: Download the Awareness Cover Photo

Download ours. Click on the image above to see larger version. Then right click the larger image and “save” it to your computer. Then upload it to your Facebook account and choose this image as your new cover photo.

Step #2: Update Your Facebook Status

Let others know why you changed your photo!

Suggested: I am changing my cover photo to raise awareness for the Hyperoxaluria which causes painful, recurring kidney stones. Join the fight against Hyperoxaluria by changing your cover photo at and copying and pasting this to your status.

Step #3: Spread the Word Ask your friends and family to change their profile pictures too! Together we can make the world take notice.

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Logo with Tagline

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