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In Honor of Joshua Derrick Moose

My name is Donna Kays, and my son Joshua Moose was diagnosed with Primary Hyperoxaluria and passed away from his disease in 2013. I share my gift to OHF every month because they were so much like close family to me during and after my son’s illness.

I’ve always seen myself as a giving person but I have to be honest. I’ve never been the kind of person to donate to any particular charity, but when my son was diagnosed with his disease, it brought on a whole new meaning to the word give. I came in contact with many other families who were facing some of the same battles as we did, and my heart still goes out to them. My struggles were so hard, as are many who suffer from the same disease as my son had.

OHF offered a helpful hand, a kind heart, and over pouring gratitude by easing some of the confusion and heartache. When an organization offers so much when they really don’t have to, that lets me know they completely, without hesitation, care for those who are suffering. Even though things were debilitating and devastating for me during my sons illness, OHF saw to it that all my questions were answered and in a timely manner.

Finding a cure to Primary Hyperoxaluria is my main focus. Even though things didn’t end the way I wanted them to with my Joshua, I want to help further the research and hopefully save someone else.

Joshua Derrick Moose 1983 – 2013


*Help us honor Joshua’s memory and find a cure. Become a Stone Crusher Today.

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  1. Denise

    Donna, so sorry of the loss of your son. My son has Ph1 also. He’s 23. I’d like to hear your story. Please email me if you are interested in connecting. Much love. ….Denise

  2. Nate

    Dear Donna,
    For those of us who still struggle with Primary Hyperoxaluria, the loss of your son is a reminder of a fate that we may all face, yet his loss is a reminder that we must persevere, to keep fighting to maintain what we love and cherish. It pains me to know you have lost a son, but his loss was not in vain, your loss adds to my resolve to keep fighting for what I hold dear. My heart and prayers goes out to you and your family.

    Yours Truly,
    A PH1 Fighter

  3. Toni

    Dear Donna, I’m so sorry for the loss of your son. I too lost a sister to Primary Oxalosis and I also had a liver and kidney transplant and doing well from Hyperoxaloria. At the time when my family first heard of it it was in the early 80’s and the Dr’s at UPMC Hospital in Pittsburgh didn’t know too much about it. They traveled all over the world to find all the information they could when they finally discovered there was a missing enzyme in the liver and it would take a liver and kidney transplant. i’m praying for all the families that have gone through this and that are going through it now. God Bless!

  4. Lisa Berra

    My heart is with you…as you endure your son’s 3rd heavenly birthday this year 2016. I too have a young adult daughter Natalie, age 26 with PHI. There is not a day that I awake that my 1st prayers are for her, and all with this rare orphan disease. The OHF is committed and determined to find a cure…We are “The Little Engine That Will”. We are Stone Crushers for as long as it takes. And I will ask your Joshua to be an “OHF Angel”…for my daughter and all with this disease. May you find peace knowing his life matters to more than he knows. Thank you for sharing your story, and for supporting the OHF. Our Hopes Future…A Cure. God Bless. Lisa

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