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Water with Friends!

Project: Water with Friends
Who is Eligible to Enroll: Children & Adults 10 years or older with Primary Hyperoxaluria.
Recruitment is Open!
Water with Friends is part two of a patient-created project. The goal of this project is to of connect patients with Primary Hyperoxaluria (PH) so that individuals can inspire each other to accomplish their water-drinking goals. In this study you will be assigned to a group based on age. For the first 3 weeks you will record your drinking patterns via a brief weekly survey. The following three weeks you will be placed into a social media support group using “Group Me” (An app that can be used through an iPod, phone or computer). Through the app you will be able to post supportive comments to encourage one another to drink.
Final data from this study will be shared with the PH community to learn how children and adults accomplish drinking goals with and without the support of a group and will also assist physicians who treat patients with PH.

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Water with Friends!

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