The Only Foundation In The World
Dedicated to improving the care and treatment
and finding a cure for Oxalosis, Primary
Hyperoxaluria and other hyperoxaluria related
stone diseases.


To raise awareness amongst the general public
and decision-makers about rare diseases and
their impact on patients' lives.

SINCE 1989...

The OHF has been uncovering the secrets of
Primary Hyperoxaluria, investing millions of
dollars in research to find better treatments
and cure.


The OHF#Cures2015 Legislative Phase Continues via @GovDelivery5 days agoReplyRetweetFavorite
The OHFNo matter how big or small, your contribution to the #OHF will go a long way. Donate today. #raredisease2 weeks agoReplyRetweetFavorite
The OHFThe Boston Run for Kidneys is coming up on May 24th! Register today and support the two #OHF teams! #raredisease2 weeks agoReplyRetweetFavorite
The OHFHappy Friday everyone! Celebrate the weekend by registering for the 4th Annual #OHF Summer Gala! #raredisease2 weeks agoReplyRetweetFavorite
The OHFBeing an advocate not only requires passion but also how to get to the right people & support the right initiatives. weeks agoReplyRetweetFavorite
The OHFYour donation, no matter the size, will make a difference in the lives of people, worldwide, with PH. #OHF2 weeks agoReplyRetweetFavorite
The OHFDon't wait another minute to register for the FOURTH Annual #OHF Summer Gala! We'd love to have you! #raredisease2 weeks agoReplyRetweetFavorite
The OHFKidney stones are more common in adults, occurring in 10% of men and 3% of women during their lifetimes. #RareDisease2 weeks agoReplyRetweetFavorite
The OHFThe OHF is the only foundation in the world dedicated to finding a #cure for PH, Oxalosis, and related stone diseases. #raredisease2 weeks agoReplyRetweetFavorite


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