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Young Executive Leadership Program


Young Executive Leadership Program (YELP)

Why Become an OHF Young Executive Leader? To drive change to inspire the future! 

We believe it is important for teenagers and young adults to have their own voice when advocating for Hyperoxaluria. The Young Executive Leadership Program (YELP) aims to elevate young voices, build confidence, develop leadership skills, and provide young people the tools to raise awareness of Hyperoxaluria. YELP is broken up into two age groups: “Future Leaders” for advocates between the ages of 12-18 and “Executive Leaders” for advocates between the ages of 19-35. Both groups will have opportunities to learn from each other and work together. We strongly encourage participants to be within this age range, but all are welcome!

Become an OHF Young Executive Leader

Serving as a Young Executive Leader allows you to lend your talents and develop new capabilities. Think about how you as a young person can best contribute to the OHF and look for opportunities to hone the skills you would most like to develop, such as social media advocacy, public speaking, fundraising, and more! You will have the opportunity to work directly with an OHF mentor to plan projects and creative campaigns and receive strategic guidance and feedback.

Areas include:

YELP’s main focus areas include Fundraising, Advocacy and Outreach, & Science and Research. YELP members can be anyone who wants to make a difference, and no prior experience in these focus areas is needed to be involved in the program.

Make an Impact


Fundraising is vital for the OHF to continue to advance support, education, and research initiatives. The internet and social media allow fundraising efforts to go above and beyond what they have in the past. Let your mind and creativity soar. The sky’s the limit to do something unique and fun for you and your community. You decide!

Advocacy and Outreach:

Let your voice create your destiny for the future of Hyperoxaluria! Anyone can be an advocate, and in today’s virtual age, much of advocacy is done through social media. Use your online skills to raise awareness of Hyperoxaluria, share your story, and educate your community about the needs of teenage and young adult Hyperoxaluria patients. We are always looking for new and fresh ideas to elevate our social media engagement and content!

Science and Research:

Combine your passion for scientific research in innovative ways! Learn about what new developments are in the process for Hyperoxaluria patients and how patient advocates can help drive research.

Benefits for Future Leaders (12-18 years old)

  • Connect with other young Hyperoxaluria patient advocates
  • Connect with other young Hyperoxaluria patient advocates
  • Receive a letter of recommendation for college applications 
  • Enhance your interpersonal skills and build self-confidence
  • Learn to be a community service leader
  • Strengthen critical thinking, leadership, persuasion and problem-solving skills
  • Develop professional, real-world work relationships

Benefits for Executive Leaders (19-35 years old)

  • Develop leadership skills with an emphasis on future OHF Board membership 
  • Grow your professional network 
  • Gain unparalleled insight into the day-to-day management of the OHF 
  • Participate in public speaking at OHF events and beyond
  • Work alongside other young adult Hyperoxaluria patient advocates
  • Mentor younger patient advocates (after 1 year of membership) 


  • Bring a positive, professional attitude and commitment to amplify change in the OHF community
  • Cultivate new supporters through a fundraising peer initiative
  • Attend scheduled calls with an OHF mentor to motivate and champion you along the way
  • Share your accomplishments and lessons learned through social media and/or OHF events

Time Commitment:

The time you commit to YELP each month is up to your own discretion. We understand some people have very busy schedules with balancing their health, school, work, social activities and more. Be transparent with your OHF mentor about how much time per month you may be able to realistically commit to YELP. Some months may require more of a time commitment than others but always remember your health comes first!

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